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Ais Ink has gone Lola ..........There was this one girl that asked me, if i could do a tattoo for her mesh-breast. My first thought way..cause i made my experience with mesh avatar or clothing. The results never looked to me like i expected a tattoo to look like. But she said.."well there is an applier.." and mentioned that there was a developer set. What can i say, from that evening i am proud owner of Lolas Tangos and been experimenting with it. Three days later I made my decision.
Ais Ink Tattoo can and will offer the applier for my tattoos. Sleeping another night over it, i made my decision.Okay, the applier is a bit more work, but I rather offer customer-service , than being greedy.
So here's the news:

Ais Ink Tattoo offers the Lola Tango Applier on request to any tattoo i made or will make. There will be no further costs for this service.

Ever since i had contact with nice girls, that just love their boobs and i am lucky, to work for you Ladies .


So proud to find this article in SLEnqierer:

Cool, Edgy,, Devil-May-Care?
Love tattoos? Then this is right up your ally! -=[ Ais Ink Tattoo ]=- by Aischa Akina is the ultimate in personal tattoos! Simply fill in the desired name into the provided notecard, and return it to recieve your personal tattoo for your sweetheart! What makes these different? They are not mass produced, and with and message or name incorporated into any of the many designs on offer, you can be sure this gift will be as individual as your sweetheart...and all for 150L!


Wow...Ais Ink made it into SL Destination Guide:

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