Ais Tipps

  • Tattoo on applier does not look good

If the contrast of your tattoo looks somehow too solid, like on this picture:

Please try the next steps to fix that:


1.  wear the applier (it's Bra-layer)

2.  right click on your boobs and open your 'Edit' window

3. select 'Edit linked'

4.  click on the top layer --> pull it down

5.  click on your boobs again, it will now select the second layer, which is the bra layer

6.  select the "Texture tab"

7.  change the  transparency too 1 % --> the tattoo will now look as it should

8.  click on the layer you moved down
    (Ctrl + Alt + T --> shows invisible things in red, in case you've lost it. Press Ctrl + Alt + T again to switch back)

9.  press Ctrl + Z and it will flip back to its previous position

This looks much better doesn't it ?

greetings Ais

  • Tattoo not possible only on one arm
Unfortunately, the SL avatar only has one arm in its data, and mirrors the texture of that one arm to form the other.

The SL avatar is based on an extremely old Poser figure, and they have never updated it to a better mesh or UV mapping, because doing so would break all the existing avatars. And they also didn't write the base code for SL with a mind to the possibility of allowing more than one avatar mesh. They didn't even allow for seperate male and female meshes! The base avatar "Ruth" is female, and a male has morphs applied to it to get a male base shape.
What I am trying to say, even though we experience changes in the tecnique like sculpties or meshes, don't waste your time and wait for this one arm tattoo.

It gets clearer, if you take a look at the Top template, what you see ist the right arm top and bottom. On the other hand is the bottom template where you can see...yes, there is a right and there is a left leg, both from front and back.

Not only that every tattoo you'd like would be on both arms. Some people say : Yes, wow , i like that. 
Remember that I said 'mirrors the texture'!
Any writing is impossible, because it will come up back to front!
OR...think about an Ambigram ...still on both Arms, but readable.

The only way to get the imagination of a one arm-tattoo, is to apply the tattoo on a prim and wear it as attachment, working with alpha layer.